I set off earlier in the less cold morning. Glows from the street lamps cast shadows on the floor while people travelling through the shades. I entered the park colliding with silhouettes of people leaving toward my direction. The midnight drizzles wetted the staircase of the viewing platform where people deserting the slippery floor there for exercisers. I climbed up the stairs steadily finding my location, where I used to sit for painting, was so wet that I lay more than treble layers of plastic sheet to prevent the damp infusing through. Breezes blew bringing along with drizzles driving the nosy people away while providing me with a peace of mind to tackle the complex view. The row of paper skin trees was my favorite objects to paint, which composed with grasses on the plant bed and a dense shrub beyond the pathway, while the perimeter fence of the soccer field on the right also entering the interfacing edge of the picture. Drizzle blew softly on to me unconsciously damping the picture, stopping it to absorb more paints. When I found that even the dark tones added for highlight also melt, then I knew happy time has flown and I have to put an end to the picture.


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