It was completely no sight of people on the street; even the newspaperman took his time off on the Chinese New Year’s day. Though I was happy to be alone without disturbance, yet people are always the essence of all living creatures, which bring spiritual life to the world. As I stepped quietly inside the park the birds began to peep and chirp hesitatingly in the cold morning, while lives seemed to emerge when I saw one of the park regulars stretching his body at the far end of the viewing platform, and daylight gradually grew to echo vitality. So I climbed up to the top step in mute to approach my place to paint. Since I did not want to lift my head up watching the metal canopy of the platform high above, I chose to paint the bottom segment extended from the last picture, which might look complex with various kinds of plants. Cold wind blew towards me annoyingly, while I was in the mist mixing the greens to distinguish the plants at the fore and background, and the heat radiated from the heat pads stuck on my back gave warm to calm me down. Perhaps less is more, when I used less paints but tones of warm and cool shades achieving a sense of depth.


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