A tint of navy blue was cast to make the earth felt romantic at dawn. A few park regulars wandering across the open area under the faint shadows from the tall plants. I headed for the viewing platform when I met a guy, who told the old man off for having his radio turned on in high volume. Though the weather was dray, I need to alert the water pool remains on the platform where might become a favorable breeding pond for mosquitos. The park was calm and foggy like being covered by a sheer of flimsy chiffon and color of the scenery was toned down by this atmospheric phenomenon. To carry on painting the view on my back, I need to turn my body round but the pains on my back did not allow me to stay for long. Instead of turning to the right hand side, I turned to the left and the perspective was found, being distorted tremendously, disabling the peripherals to meld at the segmental interface.


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