On the way to the park as I turned round the corner of the residential building, a gust of cold wind blew towards my face waking me from my drowse. The cold and dry weather discouraged most of the park regulars visiting the park making it a place of misery under the dim yellowish glows of the street lamps. I climbed up to the viewing platform without seeing any sight of moving creatures except the chirping of the birds, wafting from the metal rooftop canopy above, breaking the serenity at dawn. As I walked along seeking for my location to paint the panorama, I saw a couple of shallow water pools remained on the steps, which reminded me about the previous rainy days and I quickly started to paint. The pale atmospheric tones of the park in this dry morning appeared like being white washed by the rain, while the stains on the short wall and the floor files were swept clean too, losing a lot interesting tones to paint for the plain picture.


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