Time has flown by when the unpredictable weather fluctuating from the beginning of the year. While January slipped away loudly in gusts of howling wind. On the way to the park the strong wind blew the dry green foliage clustering everywhere on the ground. And the breezy sounds, wafting from the swaying canopies on the trees, echoed to the chirping of the birds and the roaring of the vehicles from the highway. I climbed up straightly to the platform trying to settle quickly before any of the nosy park regulars might approach to disturb me. The gale wind kept howling while I was paint the shot wall and the tiles of the platform step, which reminded me the situation at the Mediterranean Sea when I was painting on the cruise. The memory brought instant strength to stop my fear, against the scary powerful phenomenal nature, if I could protect myself wittily. Daylight grew gradually while the soccer team, in colorful outfit, arrived to play their games cheering the misery sense on the flimsy park.


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