I felt cold though the wind did not howl and rain fall no more. I wrapped myself tighter than yesterday morning because I was planning to carry on with the panoramic view at the vast opening of the viewing platform. On Monday morning, I met more people hurrying to work on the chilly streets, but not the park regulars who were absented again among the dry flimsy green environment. Daylight cast brightly on the park when I climbed up to the viewing platform, where I saw strips of pinkish clouds merged together with the grey clouds floating steady on the pale grey sky, but shallow water pools were remained on some of steps not far from the area where I settled for painting. Since the view included part of the top steps and the boundary wall of the platform only, but my frozen fingers did not follow my desire to work. I tried to be patient with the dry cold weather, yet my body and legs became stiff that bothering me to measure the liner structure of the view, while the paints was mixed according to my subconscious memory rather than observing the relevant local color. A middle aged woman climbing up to the platform brought me back to reality and I quickly put some highlight marks to wrap the picture and left.


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