It was freezing cold this morning that I wrapped myself in thick clothing, knee length stocking, woolen hat, and heat pads stuck on my back. When I turned around the corner of the residential building, the howling wind hit my face while rain began to fall. On the way to the park, I saw no one except the newspaperman pulling his trolley delivering the daily news. Bad weather condition was of no excuse to the working class while under the glow shone from the office canopy, I saw a couple of people, wrapping themselves in their arms, striding to work in the howling wind. At the entrance of the park, a gust of wind rose pulling down some small ports of plants onto the floor, and I suspected that the tall canopy at the viewing platform might not be a good shelter for me to paint during such a bad weather condition. So I went to the pavilion, behind the viewing platform, where was all left to me. It was very cold though the tall wall of the platform shielded the wind, and I choose to sit on the second bench hoping that raindrops would not fall from the glass rooftop above. I looked at the oval plant bed attentively trying to pick some key elements to paint because my hands and fingers had frozen to painfully numbly. After warming my hands up with the mini heat pad I settled quickly. But the splash marks tended to submerge the sense of depth when more family hues were applied, and then to round up the picture with in the freezing air, I drew liners mark as highlight.


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