Chilly wind blew in the blue moment of dawn. I saw a few people’s silhouettes moved about under the breezy shadows on the glowing streets. I wrapped myself in thick clothing and stuck heat pad underneath, but it was so cold that wind blew into my body through the sleeves of my jacket. Rain did not fall but the remaining pools of water, on the viewing platform, kept me away from the spot I used to paint the panorama. So I climbed up a step higher to paint the view, which automatically became the substituted panorama when the weather condition was undesirable. Sitting amongst the miserable yellowish vastness in the absence of people, bird came to chirp to cheer the dry and lonely environment up. I chose to paint the grid floor tile on the top step hoping that it might be easy to handle, until my figures were chilled to numb and the heat radiated from the heat pad lessened. So I quickly rounded up the picture before my arms became numb too.


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