Drizzles kept falling since yesterday. It was wet and damp everywhere and the viewing platform was no exception. To avoid shelter congestion, I rather stay at the viewing platform having dense drops of drizzle kept wafting in by the breezy wind than the lounge of the booking office. Walking under the glow of the street lamp I tried to find the approximate position of where I sat the other day, so that I could either carry on with the panorama or the view saw at a step up higher. And then I chose to sit at a less damp area, where I had a flight with the rainy wind while laying down the sheet of plastic on the wet step. I quickly depicted the sketch trying to capture forms and shape of the pinecones and spiky heads, in silhouette condition, before daylight grew to reveal complex details. Daylight gradually grew and I was happy to see the peripherals melded smoothly with the segment painted yesterday. Dense drizzle brought me back to reality when the paper was wetted and absorbed paints no more. Then I wrapped the picture with some thick paints and packed. But I carelessly slipped on the slippery slanting passageway hurting my elbow; any way the most of my concern was the camera escaped the accident.


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