Rain seemed to fall in alternate mornings recently. Though rain did not fall this morning, for careful concerns, I saw a couple of aged people carrying their umbrellas while heading for the park. The entrance of the park was lighted up by the glow of the street lamp, through where, under the dark blue sky I felt entering into a yellowish vastness surrounded by silhouettes of plants and shadows cast on the floor. The mysterious feeling added onto my worry about the nuisance that might arise by the nosy park regular and therefore I preferred to stay at the wet viewing platform. The damp wet platform was absent from either people or the birds when I climbed up to the middle step, but the location where I used to paint the panorama was too wet to stay, so I climbed up a step higher but the view there has painted before, yet I have no wish to move about looking for other shelter in the damp cold air. I felt relax, though the pain on my back hurt, when a gust of cool breeze blew to flap the plastic sheet that I was laying on the step. This time I used revere brush strokes to paint the pinecones for the similar composition together with arch column and spiky head, and effects looked agreeable.


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