Rain started to fall and wind howl at dawn. At the entrance of the park I met a few park regulars leaving in their umbrellas. Rainy days make the environment unusually dark and gloomy, and rows of tree shadows fell on the straight path as I walk pass. The lighted up lounge of the booking office gathered some tennis and soccer players who were prohibited from entering the courts in rainy days. I walked through the front lounge entering the gloomy area behind where the wind blew the bamboo grove to sound breezily. I chose a bench at the rim of the open lounge where I could receive most of the glows from the street lamp. Trying to prevent depicting the same view did the other morning I drafted a rough sketch, and then I heard something happening right behind my bench. I turned around to find a couple of “Ban Nam Tuse “ players turning on their radio loudly and begin to dance with no consideration to other people. I felt annoyingly helpless in the windy rain condition, but try to complete the picture quickly. Unfortunately that the paper, damped by the rain drizzles, could not absorb more paints instantly. In order to get away from the nuisance, I left the picture, as it was to reflect the inevitable situation.


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