I felt cold though the temperature has risen a few degrees. I met a few people in silhouettes before I arrived at the park where was almost empty with no sight of living creatures except the plants, which also appeared in silhouettes. I tried to set off to the park earlier to sense more phenomenal changes at dawn, but it should not be the reason, because some groups of the park regulars were earlier than the early birds. Anyway the lonely viewing platform was left to me to choose my desire site to paint. But the unavoidable sight of the towers of both residential and office were included in the view. So I painted them with washy colors to reduce its importance in the picture while the plants in front tended to play a fine contrast with each other in terms of forms. Daylight emerged soon and so as the muttering of the people, the chirping of the birds as well as the roar of the vehicles from the highway all mingled together to overwhelm my will to paint, and I know it was time to put an end to the picture and leave.


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