Rain stopped in the cold air. More park regulars were encouraged to visit the park, and in the gloom I met a few park regulars leaving at the entrance of the park, whose faces were not seen clearly. The air was dry and so as the steps on the platform, which was all left to me to choose the views that I wished to paint. As I walked along the platform, I chose the third arch column because an old woman came to exercise under the first and to make sure that I stay out of the way of the guy who used to play marshal art. I laid out the drawing kit quickly to start drafting the view, where I saw part of the residential tower and remind myself not to commit any awful interruption again. There were a few stems of plant having spiky heads standing clearly in front of the pinecones, and the reddish one in the middle became the focus of the picture. Nosy passers-by climbed up the steps to walk passing me on the same narrow step beside me, I was annoyed by their nosiness and the same time the negligence of their won safety was my concern.


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