It rained like cats and dogs since midnight. I went to the park in the rain with my bags wrapped rainproof. I saw only the newspaperman pulling his trolley of daily news, which was wrapped in heavy plastic too. Surrounded by the silhouettes of plants, I walked alone to the gloomy park. Pools of shadow water covered almost all the steps of the viewing platform that I hardly found an area where was less damp, and which was just a right place for me to depict the arch column on the reverse direction of those I did the previous days. Rain kept on falling while daylight grew fast revealing the background images. Thought the architectural structure of the arch column made an interesting impact to the geometric form of the residential tower behind the plants, I was scared to see the window of the tower shown through the gap of the arch column being painted like a cross hanging above an alter of a temple, while the plants were in monotonous greens. The rain stopped and a bird having his feather gelled tightly by rainwater, hopping up and down the stairs, while his flocks of friends chirped happily up above the railing of the rooftop. The scene woke me from my mysterious conscious and it was time to leave.


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