The morning was quiet and crispy. A few park regulars striding to the park under the brilliant glow of the street lamps. The metal gate at the entrance of the park was partly shaded by the tall plants and partly exposed to the bright light of the street lamp that added a feeling of mysterious. Yet I have no time to think about anything weird since every inch in the park was so familiar to me. Being lead by the dim glow, I went to the viewing platform, where at the bottom and by the railing, a couple of park regulars were stretching their legs. I climbed up to the middle steps quietly to find my place to paint. I counted the number of columns along the step planning to draw each of them, though the views might be similar from one another except slight variation of plants grew behind. Therefore, in order to make slight different on each of the picture, I tried to paint them in position that might project different angles of perspectives. Daylight gradually grew to intensify the hues of the scene while the plants no longer presented themselves in a sheer of flat silhouettes, but a three-dimensional view with depth where elements seen at the background were comparatively small in size.


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