It rained no more while the temperature has dropped. It was gloomy at dawn and moving figures were met along the way to the park. The newspaperman pull his trolley piled up with morning dailies dashing from behind me in the cool air. I went to viewing platform embedding a favorite desire to paint the arch column arrayed at the top step supporting the huge canopy. Though the height of the rooftop might not be a good shelter against rainfall, but the staircase was not a convenience access for walking passers-by, which reduced the chance for them to disturb me. I sat at the middle steps of the platform watching the thick clouds dispersed and reform while daylight gradually grew. So I scanned around and finally chose the view, where an abundance of plants having spiky heads, bracketed within the narrow gap of an arch column. I like the spacious contrast between the blank walls of the column and the tedious spiky plants growing in front of the deep green pinecones, which became the focus of the picture. There were almost absent of park regulars except the birds came chirping sharing the privacy with me alone.


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