I was awoken by the bright daylight instead of the alarm clock. It was already bright when I set off to the park while the rain lasted from midnight making the dry air wet. The damp weather discouraged most of the park regulars visiting the park and only a few of them carrying their umbrellas wandering aimlessly. I liked taking snapshots during the rainy days because of the reflected images from the water pools gathered on the ground, which added romantic hues in the scenery. I was looking for shelter to paint, but the pavilions were occupied, so I went to the viewing platform, where most of the steps were either wet or having shallow water pools. Anyway I was happy to have the platform all to myself while the annoying passers-by were out of the way. The plants with spiky heads in pink and grass greens attracted me to paint them as the major element in the centre of the painting, and the part of the arched column as the highlight of the picture.