It was cold and dark after dawn. Images appeared in silhouettes in the photographs I took along the way to the park. The park was quiet with fewer park regulars on this Boxing Day, only the birds’ chirping accompanied me to the pathway. No other human voices were heard after the passer-by chatted to the old lady on the bench, leaving behind the occasional roars of the vehicles ran on the highway along the perimeter of the park. Daylight arrived fast revealing images of the plants in clear shapes. I lift my head up trying to measure the view with peripherals melded to the adjacent segments. Seeing the complex mass of the palm leaves weaving in weft and warp, I tried to analysis them by using different wash consistence of watercolor. But apart from the tree trunk I did not add enough warm tones to distinguish the cool tones on the palm leaves. It was then my stomach gave me signals urging for food, and I packed the drawing kit leaving the picture unresolved without a second thought.


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