I walked out into the darkness seeing the sights in silhouette under the deep blue sky before turning to enter the park. At the viewing platform I saw the pale grey sky casting a layer of flimsy moisture on earth projecting a misery atmosphere onto the park. Though it was humid and foggy, I saw the old lady sitting on the bench talking to the passers-by travelling on the pathway. When I was settling myself on the edge of the plant bed preparing to paint another column of segments, I felt a sudden breezy, blowing toward me, sweeping away the wet moisture in the air to clear the view, which I was preparing to depict among the bunch of bamboo leaves. The trunk of the paper skin tree stood on the right side, bracketed clearly the boundary of the view, which I painted in strong hue to identity the rest of the bamboo grove. The palm leaves stretched out crosswise like weft and warp weaving a network forming a complex view. So I painted the massive layer of leaves at the background with pale wash, and then waited for it to dry before applying a thicker layer, hoping it could reveal those elements atop.


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