It was rather dark when I went out just after dawn and I saw the backs of people in their silhouettes. Small pots of red Christmas flowers were placed around the large pot plants along the entrance of the park, lightened up the gloomy atmosphere in drizzles. It was not too cold, but the viewing platform was empty and quiet, while I met the old lady leaving when I almost reached the pathway. Though it was wet everywhere, but I gave up the idea to paint the clouds at the viewing platform by taking a chance to paint at the pathway. The segmental painting, of the 360 degree panorama, at the pathway almost came to join at the cylindrical ends, in order to adjust the level of scale, I went back to join the views at the right hand side. After a few minutes finding the peripheral element of the view, I saw only linear bamboo stems and palm leaves. So I used the fine tip of a Chinese brush to paint stokes and reddish green to create depth. Since the composition of the view was not complex that I completed the segment within the morning. I was happy that drizzles fell on and off without turning into rain and the picture was completed safely.


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