The temperature was similar to that of yesterday except the wind has dropped. The old lady sitting on the bench stretching her legs quietly so I sat down on the edge of the plant bed without greeting her. Daylight was bright when I took picture of the view, which has been painting since yesterday, showing clearly all the different part of the objects. I compared images of the scenery to that in the photo and the washy sketch, trying to find a method to enhance the effect of the painting. The elements included in the view was tedious and the composition was complex, so in order not to over paint the picture, I tinted dark tones in difference area of the picture according to the shades of the view that I saw. The chill began to attack me after almost an hour sitting motionlessly by the side of the pathway, while I felt too lazy to observe the view by twisting my body upon my left shoulder. Finally I left the picture looked unfinished.


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