The chilly wind rose blowing the scattered and dry winkles leaves on the floor breezily. I met park regulars leaving on my way to the park, leaving a few of them wandering about with no thick jackets on. I saw pink clouds lining in alternate with the grey clouds slanting horizontally across the pale blue sky from the right converging to the middle of the mega tower. The cold and dry wind blew to my face as I walk along the step of viewing platform woke me from my drowse. It was already bright when I arrived at the pathway and the old lady has left. I took out a brand new piece of paper to paint the view below the last one. Since the big palm leave dominated in the center of the last segment extending downward to the present segment in misjudged perspective, that instead of melding the peripherals, I sketched the whole picture according to the perspective that I saw. The view was actually complicatedly composed by bamboo groves grew along the perimeter fence of the park, through which I saw the road on the highway and a small bush further at the back. So I tried to sketch the highway and the bush behind in very pale wash as the background of the picture, unfortunately that the background disappeared when I added mega size plant grew at the front. I thought adding darker tones might create some sense of depth, but without success. The sun behind the clouds tried to shine, but the chill did not allow me to stay any longer, at the pathway, to solve the problem, which has to done the next morning.


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