It was so gloomy that I could not see the people’s face clearly as I walked pass the viewing platform. The king palms, growing within the oval plant bed bisecting the pathway, shadowing the benches where the old lady and I used to occupy. Having my woolen hat on my head I did not feel the raindrops falling, only when the old ladies left by chatting about the falling rain. I immediately packed and move toward the pavilion at the Tai Chi Square. Where almost all the members of the Tai Chi groups were present. They danced and chatted as the music play noisily, I tried to move to the viewing platform to escape the noise but then I returned. I sat down on the nearest bench and chose to paint the nearest and biggest paper skin tree bearing tidy pin leaves. I enjoyed painting the tree trunk and the branches in distinguished bluish and brownish color. But when I came to paint the different foliage, I failed to mix a very dark green to reveal the pin leaves at the front.


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