The morning was as cold as yesterday but the rain stopped so that I could paint at the pathway. The pain on my back persisted; even my arms and hands were also infected that my fingers were too painful to hold the brush. I tried to stretch my arms hoping the pains could be released. While difficulties increased when I had to turn my back to an angle to watch the view further on the left of my back. The view composed was by the middle part of a trunk and abundances of palm leaves from the bamboo groves grow along the perimeter fence of the park. My painful back made me feel annoy to find the level of scale did not meld to the adjacent segment again, but I got to remind that each picture should maintain the quality of its own though melding the peripherals is also an important idea to the panorama. The pains on my figures seemed to become less when I hold the brush without crocking them, so I quickly laid down a thin layer of paints on the sketch before the pains might return.


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