The floor was very wet while the rain stopped in this cold morning. I hurried to the pathway, but the rain fell again when I laid out my drawing kit on the edge of the pathway, so I packed the stuff before starting to paint. Holding my umbrella I stood at the pathway considering if I should go to the viewing platform or the pavilion at the Tai Chi Square. From a distance I saw the old lady, who used to sit on the bench of the pathway, was exercising under the pavilion. So I waited for her to leave and took the bench for painting. I scanned the view around because I did not want to paint the adjacent view to the one I painted yesterday, while I found that there were even less member of the Tai Chi Group practicing along the curve of the pavilion following a piece of unknown music. They occupied the other end of the pavilion leaving the middle part empty, where was the place I have not painted before. So I turned my painful back to the left hand side and started to draft the view under the pavilion as well as those plants grow behind. Without restriction to meld images to the adjacent segment, I felt happy to apply free strokes and patches of paints.


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