The floor was wet because the rain has been falling since midnight. Knowing that I could not be able to paint at the pathway, I tried to stay at the viewing platform, but I did not bring plastic sheet to cover the wet step. So I went to the pavilion at the Tai Chi Square, where only a few members of the group were practicing, and took the nearest bench, which was dry enough to stay. And then I started to paint a new picture, because I forgot to bring along the unfinished panorama, which was executing only during the rainy days. Unlike the usual fluke music the Tai Chi group used to broadcast, the few members danced following some other dancing music while chatting daily routines. The temperature was dropping as the daylight turned bright, I began to feel freezing and chose to paint the picture freely without drafting it with pencil. In the gloomy park, I saw the abundance of violent blossom blooming vibrantly on the starkly trees stood overwhelming the misery weather. The pavilion was soon quiet when the Tai Chi members left early because of the chilly air.


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