The temperature was forecasted to drop tremendously, and the park regulars were discouraged to visit the park. At the pathway the temperature was not as bad as forecasted, and I enjoyed the serenity together with the bird chipping lyrically on the trees above. The view to paint for this segment was the treetops of the paper skin trees and the palm leaves sticking out from the bamboo grove by the side. I looked at the view calmly thinking of a better method to reveal the different layers of canopies in a clearer condition. So I planned to sketch the tree trunks and the branches as the basic layer, and the overwhelming palm leave atop of the paper skin tress. In the quiet environment, I consciously felt suspires to visually ignore the palm leave in their enormous scale, while depicting the branches behind, which appeared in a mass network. So I laid down a layer of thin wash for a basic and see what happed when I add the palm leave atop on the next day.


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