The temperature rose a little higher in the windy air. I cared not about the park regulars who try to race with me entering the park. The old lady at the pathway has left because I arrived late. Being alone at the pathway, I tried to take a good look at the canopies that I have sketched yesterday morning, but the wind blew hard swaying the canopies from side to side and up and down, reducing my enthusiasm to observe the view with heart. Light began to grow shining towards the canopies enable me to see hues of warm and cool greens on the tress. So I tried to take the advantage of the distinguish hues to create a sense of depth, but I was confused with the mass branches especially when the light hit my eyes, and the palm leave glow on the trees, which was too near for me to depict in term of the large scale. The pain on my neck warned me to leave though I tried to a lay down a few more stokes.


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