The weather was cold this morning when the temperature suddenly dropped down to 16o C. I saw thick clouds hanging low upon the pale clear sky. The cold air discouraged most of the park regulars visiting the park, except the old lady sitting on the bench of the pathway. So I took out the half done picture and started to add intense tones immediately before the late park regulars might arrive. Though it was gloomy, I saw distinguish dark tone at the rear of the grove contrasted to the row of trees growing along the pathway. In order to mix deep and clear greens for grove at the rear to identify with the row of the trees in front, I clean the dirty palette before mixing the hues with lots of reds, and then I boldly used some bright yellowish green to highlight the grasses on the plant bed surrounding the roots of the trees, eventually I was happy to create a sense of depth successfully. To complete the picture, I added limit tones to vitalize the stone edge of the plant, which was actually the focus of the painting.


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