I actually felt embarrassing seeing the old lady on the bench looking at the other direction away from me; it was because I might have to bear with the same situation until the view was painted. I did not looked up, but extending the images to the new segment from the painted segments, until the old lady waved goodbye to me. Wind began to blow swaying the branches of the trees breezily; while I lift up my head up measuring the canopies at the treetops, finding the oval shape light bulk hung at the tip of the lamppost was hidden within. The overlaying branches from the row of trees composed a complex view, making it difficult to trace the link of the branches when they were swayed by the wind. And then I saw a large branch, extending upward from the tree besides me, bracketing the bunch of small braches behind the lamppost, which narrowed down the extensive area of the plants. Though I tried to finish the picture within the morning, but the view was too complicated to do so, and then I have to leave it for the next day after a layer of washy painted was applied.


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