I was late and the old lady has left, so I drafted immediately the view behind the benches. It was too dark to take picture which images turned out as flat as silhouettes. I measured the view a several times to make sure scale and perspective was properly observed. I heard people’s timid muttering as they passed me by, while the speedy roar on the highway was loud enough to catch my attention. Then I realized that the road on highway, behind the bamboo grove, run almost parallel to the pathway of the park, which together diminished to the vanishing point at the rear. Without light flicking to my eyes while passersby travelling on the pathway, I paid much attention to the slopping structure of the bed plant, which slant from the pathway down and flatten at the highway. When the bell of the tennis court rang and it was time to go, so I left the washy painted picture to be completed the next day.


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