The mediating group gathered at the top of the viewing platform when I walked passing them to the pathway. I gust hoped that rain would not fall before I complete the sketch made yesterday. At the pathway, the old lady sat on the bench looking at the other side so that I could paint with no worry. I took out the picture and starting to add thicker tones atop the washy paints until I felt the green tones tends to become flat. So I turned the color palette to bluish and reddish brown for painting the thick tree trunks and branches. When I found it difficult to mix hues to distinguish the trees lined up in the row, I saw the branches splashed in quick stokes seem moving about in the air. To calm them down I added dark tone on the lamppost standing in the middle of the picture, but color did not turn out right. To avoid further complain, I made a pause to the picture.


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