The floor was wet and the sky was gloomy warning me that rain might fall again. I went to the pathway though the viewing platform where was empty and quiet. I started to draft the view after greeting the old ladies while the drizzle seemed to fall. I begged the rain deferring to fall so that I could make a simple sketch before leaving the park. Yet mercy did fall on me and shower fell. Considering that rainwater drips from the rooftop of the pavilion during rain fall that I went back to the viewing platform where was quiet. Instead of sitting at the corner of the top step behind the column, I sat a litter further under the canopy overseeing the pathway. From there I saw the structure of the paper skin trees much better than before, and I remember that I wished to draw trees, but the trees were too tall to fit in my paper. As usual I drafted the middle trunks and the other elements surrounding them, eventually composed a complex view….


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