It rained so heavy that I need to return home for my raincoat. Knowing that I could not carry on with the panorama at the pathway that I also collected the segments picture painted at the pavilion, so that I could take that as the alternative drawing place. Unfortunately, I found neither the benches at pavilions behind the viewing platform nor at the Chai Chi Square was not available. So I kept walking passing through the booking office to reach the path between the tennis courts, where concrete rooftop above the benches there was always a good shelter for rainy days. I sat there watching through the perimeter fence of the courts to find tree at the rear side, and then I changed my mind to find some trees to draw instead. I was actually aimed at the top steps of the viewing platform, but then I saw the pavilion behind was empty. Yet it was too soon to feel happy when drops of rainwater leaked from the glass rooftop on to my head. Anyway sorting out the pattern of the floor tiles was the real problem after all.


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