It was windy and the floor was wet after the morning rain. I hurried to the pathway trying to catch the time to complete the complex view started yesterday. I took a deep, cool breath under the gloomy sky before carrying on with the painting. Since the view was complex that I have to make sure the hues applied must be clear and distinguishable. So instead of using splashing brush stokes, I used a small brush to draw shot line stokes for the pine leaves. Shower fell as forecasted, and I held an umbrella while trying to lay down more colors before packing, it was because I did not want to leave the picture undone for another morning. The shower did not last long when I saw some of the park regulars striding on the pathway without rainproof equipment. Yet the picture was absent-mindedly overdone without much tone contrast between the rows of pine trees along the pathway and those paper skin trees within the boundary of the perimeter fence.


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