According to the Solar Terms of the Chinese calendar today is “Winter Begins”. But the morning regulars complained about the warm air in the park, which showed no sign of winter at all. Though it was gloomy and rain was forecasted, the warm temperature attracted more morning visitors striding on the pathway. I took out the segment painted yesterday, trying to meld the objects to be painted for the top and bottom segments, finding that objects in the top segment includes simply treetops and sky, on the other hand the objects in the bottom segment includes many tidy objects at the other of side of the soccer field. In order to balance the painting times of the two mornings, I pre-sketched liner draft for the bottom segment before painting the top segment. The pale sky was covered by thin grey clouds, which almost looked colorless, contrasting to the vibrant green that I painted deliberately to highlight the picture. It was then a team of Junior soccer player entering the field adding cheers to the park, while I was ready to leave.


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