It was still dark at the break of dawn. I went to the park, earlier than yesterday, meeting more than a few park visitors entering the park. Since I have the bottom segment of the pathway sketched yesterday that I went to the pathway without other consideration of where to paint. I took out the sketch and began to fill in colors soon as I settled down. I greeted the lady who was walking steady back to the bench where her belonging was left. I believed both of us were feeling comfortable enjoying the cool breeze at the turn of winter. But it did not last long, when the drizzles became shower instantly. The old lady opened her umbrella and left while I was trying to cover my drawing kits with a sheet of white plastic. Yet pass experience warned me that heavy rain might wash away the paints on the picture. So I chose to pack and leave rather than ruining the picture under such critical situation. I did not know if my will to paint was rewarded that the rain stopped completely before I got up to leave. I waited doubtfully to make sure it was not joke. Then I quickly laid out the drawing kit and paint fast. The pre- sketch helped me lot to fill in the pigeon holes in between the perimeter fence standing at the far end of the soccer field, leaving the supporting platform of the fence at the front, and the floor tiles for me to solve.


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