I met the early visitors leaving, while some others entering the park together with me. I peeped from the corner of my eye that the pavilion was busy with people, stretching their bodies, exercising along the path of the oval plant bed. So I went straight to the pathway through the viewing platform. I greeted the kind lady on the bench when she was about to leave. I felt comfortable sitting on the edge of the plant bed enjoying the cool breezy while white clouds floated gently upon the blue sky. Then I glanced through the pile of pictures trying to find the adjacent segments as a guide, but it took me ages to sort out the appropriate ones because the scales of the images did not meld too well. By the time I looked at the view again, I saw fumes of dark cloud blowing diagonally upward above the roof of the residential towers; it then instantly shaded the blue sky with clouds hanging upon. Though the phenomenon of nature is unpredictable and out of my control, yet to maintain the cheerfulness of the mind was my desire, so I painted white clouds and blue sky on the top of the paper by memory. To capture the phenomenon at real time, which was the purpose of site drawing, I painted the fumes of smoky clouds above the roof of the towers.


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