Cool breeze blew to welcome me to the park while most of the morning visitors had done their exercise and ready to leave. I walked pass the viewing platform to take snapshot seeing the couple stretching their bodies at the same place under the pavilion as predicted. As a matter of fact, I must bear in mind that the park is a public place, which is free use for the local residents, and perhaps available to those come first. So whether I could carry on with the panorama at the pavilion might not be my choice. Since I might not be able to carry on with the panorama at the pavilion, I climbed up to the viewing platform to paint an adjacent segment to the picture made yesterday. Though the wind began to rise blowing the drawing paper down the steps a several times, while the dry air wafted the broadcast of “Bam Nam Tuse” across the soccer field weakening the chirps of the birds’, I was happy to see the life of the park retuning vividly in normal phenomenon.


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