From a distance I saw a lot of morning visitors, like tidy moving figurines, exercising under the shelter of the office canopy, and the floor was so wet that I realized it has been drizzling the whole morning, so I returned home to get my umbrella. By the time I returned to the park it was late, so I went straight to the viewing platform. I lazily enjoyed a gust of cool breeze blew together with drizzles while I have no intension to change the painting location. But the view looked pale and dull without much color, it was those people wearing colorful outfit travelling around the perimeter of the soccer field brought vividness to the park. And then I change the normal practice of choosing the plant but the lamppost as the prior element to paint. I painted directly the lamppost and the rooftop of the booking office at the opposite side of the field and the thin clouds hanging upon the sky.


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