The first day back to the Hong Kong Quarry Bay Park, it was much warmer at the temperature of 25o C then the previous day in London, which was rainy at 10o C only. The scattered foliage on trees changed the looked of the park, which seemed unfamiliar after not seeing for 20 days. I have no destination to draw this morning, so I went to the viewing platform wishing to meet few nosy people. The birds chipped all around with no sight of them while I sat there scanning the view from left to right. The scenery looked pale and gloomy in monotonous greens missing the brownish red color of autumn compared to that in Hyde Park. Then I saw a few large paper skin trees towards the far end of the platform and the feeling of painting the trees in London hit me, so I painted them with lose and quick brush stokes instead of how I used to paint.


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