On the last day of the trip, the weather in London was getting colder by the falling rain of the morning. I tried to keep myself warm without sweat, which might cool my body temperature down. Knowing that I could not be able to prolong another segment for the panorama in the rain that I needed to look for a place with shelter to paint. At the entry of Hyde Park, I saw two pavilions, one of them is for leisure, and the other was named as “Speaker’s Corner”, which was used to be a well-known platform for the people to speak out their political opinions. I was not sure if it was the place to paint when a guy in silhouette approached the pavilion and sat at one side of the circular bench smoking. But then the rainy weather persuaded me to return and sat as quiet as the smoking silhouette. The view selected to paint was simply composted by a slender tree with scattered foliage at the front, and the rest was projected to the rear side of park, where some treetops and buildings were seen above the blockage. Daylight began to grow intensifying the hues of the greens in the park against the pale grey sky, while the rain kept on falling in the gust of the cold wind.


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