The morning was bright and cold while the sun did not show up at all. On the route I used to travel to the painting site, I was warned to have stepped into the forbidden area, which was blocked for recreational reform. I pretended to have got lost so that I did not have to turn around making a longer trip to reach the site. Along the sandy path was not as busy as yesterday, where some passers-by striding to work, a police card stopped by and a garbage track ridding slowly close wafting revolting smell, collecting rubbish from the bins placed by the side of the sitting benches. I did not care much about this daily phenomenon and seemed to have got used to the environment. I took out the last segment painting of yesterday to measure the farthest view, which was supposed to be the last on the right hand side. But to my disappointment that Neither the color nor the park scenery did not product characteristic of being the Hyde Park in London. Yet concerning about color wise, the hue did not seemed to produce any excitement to the overall panorama.


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