We stayed at the same lodge available from  my sister. The first morning in London was too cold to go the park for drawing, so I waited until the afternoon. I went to Hyde Park while the sun played hide and seek with the clouds, and then the temperature has risen to a bearable condition. The park was big with an enormous green pasture surrounded by trees bearing colorful foliage. Without paying attention for the return route, I walked towards the direction of Chelsea Bridge. Before reaching the bridge, there was a lake where birds in various types of birds were swimming upon, poking for park visitors to feed them. Besides feeding the birds, people there played many types of games, such as cycling, roller skating, jogging, walking relaxingly. I kept walking along the bank trying to find a place for drawing. Than, I sat on one of the benches and saw a canopy restaurant, on the opposite bank, having English style rooftop. So I took out the drawing kit to measure the view, which is far away from where I sat. The view including the tidy building situated in the mist of a small bush along the edge of the bank, while an information board and some birds wandering at the bank near to me. It was unexpectedly that a young English couple came to sit on other the side of the bench and talk loudly. Though I love the composition of the view so much, I decided to find another location because I need concentration for observation. So I went back from the direction where I came, and eventually sat down to paint the trees, which I think was my strength amongst the elements in the park. It was quite unusual that daylight began to get darker while the vibrant hues of the scene turned into tones of shade, yet I had no intension to make any alternation because it was too cold to linger in the park any longer. So I packed my stuffs and left, but I seemed to have lost my way back….


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