The boat parked at the pier Muelle Adosade of Barcelona before I got out of bed. On the quiet deck, I saw a few members of the crews preparing the decker chairs under the glows of light hung across the boat between the chimneys above. The deck was wet and I suspected it has been rained during the night. I climbed up to the upper deck finding the top of the wooden litterbin was too wet to work, and at the same time I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I dashed back to my stateroom. Beside camera, I prepared towels and paper to wipe the top for work. When I returned to the deck, the deep brownish purple sky was still as gloomy as before, while the jogging guy climbed up to the deck and greeted me as he jogged passing. I chose to paint the glittering island rather than the sunrise scene at the opposite side, which I did not see it rise at the horizon at all. Though it was dark, the highways on the island were busy with all kinds of transportations, which roaring noises were too far to waft across the water to be heard on the boat.


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