Reaching the port of Marseille in a very dark and gloomy morning. I went straight to the top deck but unable to find the direction of sunrise. I kept travelling to and fro seeing most of the decker chairs on the lower deck have been lined up along the poolside, yet daylight had no intension to grow. I finally decided to stay on the top deck while it was calm and quiet. A guy came jogging around the chimney while I laid on the top of a wooden litterbin the drawing kit. Beyond the railing of the stairs accessing to the lower deck, I saw glows glittered from the shore of the island above the very dark sea. Gloomy light began to radiate behind the silhouetted mountain range. Brownish light shone towards the very dark sky bisecting the sea and skyline, which looked like if they were in one piece. I painted fast stokes but failed to obtain some very dark tones for the sky and sea while the gale wind howled nosily. I did not know when the jogging guy disappeared and I felt scared by the gale, which has blow my hood off my head. Since the sun did not rise to radiate vibrant light upon the sky, I left the painting fresh in its primary status.


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