The cruises left Italy for Monaco during the night. As the boat entering the gulf, I saw thousand of glimmering lights glowed on the shore of the island in the dark. It was beautifully calm and cool as I climbed up the top deck where I a found a top to work. I felt comfortable to work without the gale wind howled for the first time since I got on board. It was obvious that the boat was steaming towards north again because I saw orange light started to radiate at the horizon towards the rear of the boat. Intense red orange light began to radiate brightly above the dark blue horizon parallel to the beam of the boat at the rear deck, to add interesting element to distinguish the boat and the sea horizon, I drew the hose of the boat on the left of the picture, where the scene was still clearly observed. Daylight grew quickly revealing the houses on the island in different styles. Blocks of high rises stood densely in the center of the island one behind the other accenting up to the hills. While small houses in accent European style accumulated on either ends of the island.


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