When I reached the deck of the cruise, I saw dawn approaching quickly in brilliant red radiating softly from behind the mountain range. As the boat was steaming fast, gale wind howls so violently that I need to find a suitable location to paint. I travelled between the decks discovering that the boat has turned to stream North along the boot shoreline of Italy, especially when I saw the sun rose at the direction towards rear of the cruise, which was the opposite direction from the past two days. I climbed up to the upper deck where has no decker chair but a jogging track. Behind the chimney I found a wooden cabinet of the fire hose, and I started to paint there. Since the gale wind kept blowing to flip the drawing paper from behind me that I need to paint fast by splashing intense hues rather than washy paints to start with. Daylight grew fast, the red glow faded to become horizontal beam of orange overwhelming the numerous tidy glows shone on the island, but then grey clouds soon arrived to tint the sky purplish blue. The sun did not show up but the intensified daylight launches to end the colourful dramatic scene. As the boat approached to park at the Civitavecchia pier I saw a town in Italian style along the hillside like an illusion rather than sensational objects.


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