The boat steaming fast as it was leaving Taominto heading for Naples. It was very dark early in the morning that I could not indemnify the direction, so I asked one of the crew members in white suite, whom I supposed to be a senior staff of the boat. But I was disappointed to learn that he did not know better than I did, when O told him that I saw light and guess that might be the direction of sunrise. I walked to and fro on the deck trying to find a better view for the horizon so that I could capture the vibrant hues when the sun might rise up from the horizon. I finally climbed up to the upper deck, instead of sitting on the floor; I moved a couple of side tables to sit on as well as holding for drawing kit. Light began to grow radiating from he horizon, I supposed, contrasting with the sky above into a sheet of deep blue. For a second of so the sun tried hard to show its face by radiating tingly orange light. But the dark thick clouds overwhelmed and pushed it back. Daylight intensifying turning the whole sky pale, white light on the boat began to diminish and crew members on the boat layout the decker chair by the poolside, while breakfast was almost ready for the guest on the boat.


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