Arriving at Taominto Italy, the clock was supposed to pull back an hour. Without doing so I went to the deck while it was still very dark. I asked the decker crew the sunrise time before I noted the clock at the poolside pointing to six. So climbed up to the upper with no other query. Light emerge at the very dark horizon, where I could not distinguish clearly whether it was the horizon of the sea or the mountain range similar to that of yesterday at Taovnina. Instead of painting on the decker at the right side of the boat, I chose to stay the left side for a better view. A band of light rose up like a mass of thick vapor in purplish color, and above it red light began to radiate towards the dim blue sky. The red light shone through behind the strips of clouds alternatively merging with the vapor from the sea reducing the intensity of the redness. It was very soon that I saw a round red ball of the sun rose form the horizon and its brightness was strong to be looked at as it rose higher while the white light overwhelmed the vibrant hue of the sky. Now I saw clearly the horizon rather then a guess mountain range. It was also time to finish the painting when the phenomenal nature no longer acted as relevant reference for my painting.


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